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Bottom Web Film for Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

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Bottom Web Film for Medical Devices

Apple Converting can fulfill your bottom forming web product requirements. We understand utilizing the right materials can have a significant effect on the overall performance of your product. We have the capability of producing the film and printing the bottom web on flexographic presses or on our 9 color gravure state of the art press.

Forming bottom web contains many characteristics that make it versatile and advantageous for customers. It can be weld-seal or peel-sealed to top web, suitable for wet or dry products, and can utilize multiple sealants.

Apple Converting recently provided a customer with bottom webbing that included Nano Technology to increase the moisture and vapor barrier. This recent solution allowed a pharmaceutical customer the ability to move away from a historic material that was not readily available.

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Project Highlights

Product Description Bottom web used within the pharmaceutical and medical device packaging industry
Capabilities Applied/Processes Adhesive laminations and coatings
Substrates Multiple, including polyolefin and OPP
In process testing performed Coat Weight
Bond strength
Industry for Use
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare
  • Medical Device Industries